Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tools for the new Web

Tags are part of our living. However tags have been restricted to written text - as most of the web and the majority of tools.
Slowly the web is transforming from text only to a rich multimedia environment that is no longer restricted to computers. Portable devices, phones, psp, … are beginning to play a role and we are willing to access our virtual identity anywhere, anytime.
But tagging is still about text … We listen to podcasts, watch videos and we do create all this multimedia communication that goes beyond text. This new world needs new tools, new tools for searching, for tagging, …
One of them, of these new pioneer tools that are emerging in the web, is plugged that allows us to tag podcasts and find similar commentaries easily.
Another one is, a visual search engine that tries to find similar looking objects in the internet. As connections speed increases, the web will be less text and more media, no doubt about it, and these tools are just the beginning, for sure … more to come !!!

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