Thursday, December 30, 2010

My predictions for 2011

This thing of predicting is difficult, especially when your predictions are situated in the future. However, let’s give it a try :-)
Here are my predictions for 2011 !!!
1.- Facebook will surpass Yahoo and enter China. Yahoo and in general Social Networking sites offer more than search, offer connection with real people, something that we all want and the reason behind its growth. Facebook is not yet established in China. This will be the year when Facebook enters China.
2.- Innovation will become a priority in China. Well, this is not a real prediction, Innovation is one of the two important priorities in the current draft of the next 5 year plan in China. However, for a country that competes on price and productivity, this change towards competing on innovation is a big change.
3.- We’ll see a number of technological advancements and market pitfalls. Among them, batteries will double its capacity and  3D TVs are not going to make it. But probably one of the most interesting ones will be the addition of NFC (Near Field Communications) to the iPhone and other mobile phones, it will allow us to pay (replacing credit cards), open doors (replacing keys), etc... and will make possible different kinds of business models. Apple will probably launch iPhone 5 with NFC on summer and they can move the market (updated on 1/1/11).
4.- Open Innovation will enter the Public Sector. Open Innovation has been confined to the private sector until now, 2011 will be the year for Open Innovation in the Public Sector.
5.- Android phones will break the $50 barrier and will become mainstream. Recently they broke the $100 barrier, 2011 will see how they break the $50 and become mainstream. The iPhone will be close to $100.
6.- Netflix will come finally to Europe and provide a real alternative for consumers to websites that offer movies and series without respecting copyright. It will be a big success.
7.- Open Data as a policy will become mainstream. Governments will begin to think that making websites that nobody sees and maps that nobody uses is not a decent way to use taxpayers money and will endorse massively Open Data and platforms.

To all of you --- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!!!


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