Thursday, July 09, 2009

I was with a Pirate today :-)

Today we had lunch with a pirate :-) Amelia Andersdotter from the Swedish Piratpartiet that is about to get a seat as a member of the European Parliament.
As my friend Artur says, in Spain we send old people to the European Parliament while in Sweden they send young ones :-) !!!
She has all the ingenuity, the boldness and the courage to fight for difficult things of a 21 year old Swedish - maybe what we need!
Some of you may think that we need politicians that know how to manage things, let me disagree. Civil servants know how to manage much better than politicians, we need politicians with vision and goals and tight to their voters.
For the ones that are not familiar with their proposals, they aim for a 5 year limit in copyright and abolishing patents. Even if you may find this quite extreme, their discuss makes sense in some points. Take for example the case of rights on works subvention with public money and consumed by public organizations, such as drugs or clinic trials, mostly supported with public money and consumed by public health organizations, even in these cases, drugs companies enjoy rights on products for which they didn't pay the research, neither the clinic trials ... A similar case happens in movies or cultural events which in Europe are mostly subvention with public money ... In all these cases, the reasons why rights on goods are granted are far from clear.
Anyway, we really enjoyed having Amelia in Barcelona - CitiLab!!


Blogger daleske said...

Esteve: thanks for the comment. My idea is that pirates were just against paying copyright and downloads. I wondered how a welfare society that can afford o pay for cultural goods could worry about these issues. But your point on subsidies makes clear to me that the question is not that simple. If at Citilab some learned also from Swedes to be respectful and democratic to other's opinions the I could share their support for ´piracy´: but we are in Spain and my guess is that certain people construct a sort of idelogical "barra libre"

3:42 AM  
Blogger esteve almirall said...

Hi Carlos,

So nice to hear of you!! (yesterday we had the 1st meeting of HispaLab in CitiLab and we missed you).

Indeed, IP has many angles ...

Thanks for the comment!!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Toni Cañabate said...

Toooooooooootally agree with your post

2:16 PM  

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