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Three years ago ... and why now, why again - 03/10/2013

It has been three years since my last blog. In these three years many things happened both in my personal life and in innovation, the subject of this blog ...

As Bill Gates once said, Innovate or Die is the logic behind in the market we are in, or if we want to express it in other words, most of market now competes on innovation and this is probably more true than ever.

However, the way in which this competition occurs is changing fast. Innovation is no longer well represented solely by the interchange of new technologies or product/service/business models developments between two firms.

Innovation doesn't even have to be incorporated in your company for being able to use it in competition. In ecosystems, you align your strategy with the ones of other companies allowing the whole ecosystem to compete with the innovation of others without internalizing it, benefiting from the externalities of it.

The Public Sector, particularly Cities, is also changing fast. From Open Data to Urban Labs or Code Sharing through efforts such as Code for Europe, Code for Africa or Code for America, is poisoned to change the way cities are managed, at least the leading ones. Efforts where, in some of them, I have the fortune to participate.

Therefore, plenty to talk about, where hopefully I could contribute to the general discussion on Innovation and Innovation Policy.

One last thing, Dear Reader, thanks a lot for being there, your comments and discussion are always welcome. Please let's enjoy it !!!!

esteve almirall


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