Monday, December 26, 2005

HDD formats and Disruptive Innovation

The Battle between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is a clear example of how pretended consortium oriented disruptive technology is by-passed by market reality. How many of you bought CD or DVD lately? Many of us already rely almost entirely in Digital Music & Video. We listen our music with an iPod (or other mp3 players) and watch our videos in the computer screen rather than on tv (My kid uses a PSP and PS2 too ...). Now in Spain we'll have 20Mbits ADSL next year and finally on-demand video will soar (hopefully). So – where is the disruptive technology? It is clearly on-demand video and relying on computer formats (a technical innovation and a user-innovation). Again reality is faster than consortiums and we could end up having two nice formats that … very few people will ever user because contents is increasingly on-line!!


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