Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Intel - 45 nanos technology - Moore Law and the Star Wars Program

Intel just showed his test chips using 45 nanos technology. Just to put things into perspective, AMD won't produce chips using Intel's current 65 nanos technology until the second half of this year. This clearly shows Intel leadership in the technology front. Intel has used in the past is leadership in technology to offset AMD's performance advances in chip architecture and will probably continue to do so in the future. With 45 nanos you can put 1billion transistors or 153Mb of memory where in 2000 with the 130- nanometer process you could fit only 18Mb. After the 45 nanometer process, the 32 will come and after the 22 --- and with the 22 nanometer a new technology will be necessary, it is called Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography – EUV for short … which was developed in … the Star War program of the post cold war era. One more example of synergies between civil and defense industries …
We europeans can critize these examples as much as we want, but they show the capacity of a country for pulling together and take real advantage of research, even if fields are ... let's say remote. We are doing the same thing in Airbus ... but still we have a long way to go!


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