Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don’t waste this recession!!

For sure today is not the time for buying houses or cars … but I bet is the time for netbooks, kindles, ebooks, flat rate internet access or movie streaming services … and of course for all software that will make all that work.

Now more than ever, ebooks and movie streaming services have a chance (and please stop this stupid localized restrictions that don’t allow Spaniards or everybody else subscribe to Netflix or buy “legally” a kindle!! – they don’t make a sense in a globalize economy!!!) .

You cannot underestimate the potential of these two new lines for changing and shaping in many different ways not only the cultural goods market but in many ways our lives and its impact in the way we learn, teach and communicate.

A new ecosystem and business model is awaiting to be build around them. So, lots of opportunity out there!!   



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