Saturday, January 28, 2006

Vista - interaction Capabilities + p2p

Here we can see a very nice example of the new interactive capabilities of Windows Vista in a p2p application setting.

The scenario is a hospital, a doctor equiped with a tablet pc enters a patient room and immediatley connects to the data in the room in a p2p setting. Then he can watch and interact with all the patients' data in real time.

The applicacion is done in xaml - the new MS flex/flash competitor - and the beaty resides in that is only grouping controls and indicating where the web service data source resides. All drag and drop or graphic merging functionality is done by the windows engine and is not specified in code.

The way a p2p network can be used to connect to web services relating to devices or people nearby is also a very nice idea that will for sure be exploited in many ways: Interactive Marketing, Collaborative Meetings, Classrooms, etc...


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