Saturday, June 03, 2006

Adobe - MS and greediness

Microsoft, which last October announced it would support Adobe's PDF format in its upcoming Office upgrade . However Adobe wants the software giant to remove the PDF "save as" feature from its beta version of Office 2007 or to charge a fee for it. Heiner, the deputy general who overseas MS antitrust cases said:"The 'save as PDF' feature is the second most popular request we get from customers, ... Adobe has told the world that PDF is an open format...and (rival) products OpenOffice, WordPerfect Office and Apple (Computer's applications) already support PDF and tout it as a selling feature. Microsoft should be able to support PDF as well." Adobe has threatened to file an antitrust complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission if the software giant includes the PDF "save as" feature in its Office 2007, Heiner added. Well - I am sorry Adobe - pdf were free - weren't they?


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