Saturday, September 16, 2006

MyStrands - Innovation and Spain

In Recommenders 2006 I had the opportunity to have a long talk with the people of MyStrands, one of the most innovative companies in Spain. Now they are opening an office in Bilbao and we confronted opinions about the support to innovation in Barcelona (Catalonia) and Euzkadi. Innovation is not about buildings and infrastructures but about creating and supporting a rich ecosystem beyond public subvention and not about public organizations trying to be safe and get successes or putting money on empty buildings … Certainly Catalonia has a long way to go and could learn something of how Innovation is manage in Euzkadi. However, politicians are probably to continue building empty buildings and trying to catch photos with big operations …. Instead of focusing on people, groups, startups, … Therefore … little hope !!


Blogger Gaby said...

I wonder why is such a diversity in terms of development in Spain. Why Euzkadi has grown its economy in such a way,as its authorities said, and other regions don't. When spanish people comes to my country, Uruguay, they presents their economy development as a model for us, an example to follow. Is it really successful or there are many inequities to solve in modern Spain?

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